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Frank G
Satisfied Customer! I was having some major asthma and allergy symptoms a little over a month ago. I had to go to the emergency room for my asthma because I couldn't breathe half of the time. My wife was always bragging about Megumi and how she cured her lyme disease. I decided to give her a try. I am already feeling back to normal and have gotten off of all of my asthma medications except my Singulair, and she is working to get me off of that as well. I am so happy I decided to give Megumi a try. I am able to go back to work soon and live normal again. It works everyone!!!!
Feeling Great! I saw Megumi for NAET for over 2 years. I had chronic illness and experienced debilitating fatigue and sensitivities for over 20 years. Some days I was so ill I could barely walk from my car to Megumi's office. Slowly but surely, my body has come into balance and I'm happy to report that I am now waking up for a 6:45am book club once a week, and while I used to have labs done every 3 months for my primary doc, it has been a year since I have needed any!
Updated review— child with severe anxiety, night terrors, etc Updated testimonial We have seen even more remarkable improvements in our daughter’s health, comfort level, anxiety; and mental and emotional well-being. One HUGE thing we had been dealing with was night terrors— multiple terrors and wakings each night. She has not had a night terror in 9 months!! And today we had another miraculous win— all because of Megumi and the work she has done for our daughter. I would like to extend the invitation to talk with any parent dealing with their child’s severe anxiety, or suspected spectrum disorder or ocd. I believe that working with Megumi has spared our daughter and our family years of unnecessary suffering. What I most want people to know is that this is working for us. And, while I wanted it to be instantaneous, it turned out our daughter was allergic to everything (except pecans and squash) so it has really taken something to get where we are. But we have been grateful for all of the steps in any direction because it has all meant PROGRESS. I say all of this to say— if your case is a difficult one, like ours, don’t give up. This works. Pay attention to the little wins along the way. Today we had a huge success. The little girl who, in the beginning, refused to walk into Megumi’s office (even with her mom and her dog in tow) due to massive anxiety and fear of dimly lit rooms (we had to go twice and bring more people to coax her inside a treatment room) went to a birthday party by herself! And this morning she sat alone in a dim room as happy and comfortable as could be while I gathered some things for us to play with from the other room. I know these things sound simple. But for us they are truly amazing. And if you are a parent of a child with this type of anxiety and fear— only you can understand what this means and what a profound relief it is to see your child comfortable and at ease in these types of “normal” situations. It’s truly incredible. I can’t thank Megumi enough for her thoroughness, kindness, patience, confidence in her work, and relentless determination. There is more work to be done— but we are so grateful to be this far down the path. Please ask Megumi for my contact information if you’d like to know more about our experience and how this work might be able to help your little one.
Claudia N
Acupuncture and NAET One acupuncture session helped the health concern I had. I am doing the NAET treatment and have learned so much in the process and can see results. Thank you Ms Megumi!
Allix D
A new understanding Megumi has offered me a new understanding to healing that I don’t think I would have come across or understood had I not gone into her office. Her practice is gentle yet impactful and I’ve already experienced a lot of healing with my adrenal fatigue in the first few weeks. Excited to continue the NAET therapy and finally start feeling good in my body again
Bennie L
Continued Acupuncture The acupuncture has helped me significantly. I prefer acupuncture in lieu of pills. Thank you! Megumi.
Alexa F
Highly recommend! I’m so grateful to begin my series of NAET treatments with Megumi. It’s clear from your first appointment with her that you are working with a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner.
Bennie L
Continued Acupuncture Therapy As a retired vet, acupuncture is a very viable option for my pain in instead of countless pills. Thank you Megumi.
Bennie L
Continued Acupuncture Treatment I am continuing my treatment with Megumi, at Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb, as an alternative pain treatment. This is great! It is also helping not depend on extensive pain killers. Thank you Megumi!
Annie L
Whole New Me Megumi has made me feel more balanced in the past two weeks that I have in perhaps my whole life. I adore her! She is so resourceful and a total healing guru. She makes you feel completely comfortable and her treatments leave you feeling radiant. I've already recommended her to many friends -- can't say enough good things.
Helpful Magic Review of Megumi Uppena I love visiting Megumi and always leave feeling optimistic. I was so grateful that she took time to actually hear ALL about my life - and all potential causes of my illness. After visiting with Megumi and doing the basic treatments, hair began growing back in a patch that had fallen out. My emotional well being and mental well being also improve after sessions. I am so grateful to have been referred here by a trusted friend!
Fawn S
Appreciation Thank you being so much help to me. Hopefully I will be feeling more energetic with less food allergies
Ruben C
NAET treatment Just finished the Base NAET Treatment and it is incredibly noticeable, mentally and physically!
Micheal D
Continued Success Once again I have received great assistance with pain and mobility issues at the Bamboo Curtain. I highly recommend the treatment. Dr. Mike Donnelly
michael d
Continued Progress For now I am seeing the kind of progress I had hoped to achieve. If you are going to do the NAET Treatments as well as the Acupuncture, please give it some time to work. I have achieved a level whereby I am experiencing less pain than in years!
Darcie B
Thank You Dr. Megumi I had a lovely session and now my sleep is back on track, I feel better overall energy and vitality. Thank you so much Dr. Megumi!
Mark K
Fantastic health provider The overarching approach to health provided here has been outstanding, and had I been here sooner I would much more healthy today. Each visit I leave improved and feeling better, everyone should visit you for better life quality. Thank you.
Ruben C
NAET treatment Dr Megumi was recommended by a friend after I explained to him that I was dealing with brain and body imbalance. Her treatment has really helped me improve my overall well-being and almost done with the basic treatment. If you have any mental/health disorders, I highly recommend her!
Megan B
Naet is awesome! I have been going to western medical doctors and they have been putting medications on symptons. Bamboo Acupuncture is going for the cure. I have enjoyed my visits and my stomache is already filling better.
Ruben C
NAET treatment Have been going to Megumi for about a year now and thank her for improving my health. She is very determined to chasing the root of allergies :).
Michael D
After Visit 14 I continue to seek treatment from Mugami and I remain optimistic I will recover enough to play golf again and to lead a normal life. I do not believe she can cure my cancer and she never said she could. What she has promised is to enhance my immune system and to alleviate my pain. I remain confident in her and as always, hope for the best. Dr. Mike Donnelly
Micheal D
Road to Recovery Now after about 14 visits combining acupuncture and dietary advice and using some supplements the pain is receding and I am on the mend. Thanks Magumi! I look forward to Monday.
Michael D
AMAZING RESULTS After eleven trips to the Bamboo Curtain for pain that has been part of my life for more than thirty years I am astounded at the glimpses of what might be in my future. Everything has not been repaired and there have been some ups and downs but overall I see great potential in what has been accomplished. This morning I walked more than I have for the past three years. I am very grateful to Magumi for what she has accomplished to date and I so look to what she can do for me in the future!
Bennie L
Continued Acupuncture Treatment Thank you for continuing this process with me Megumi. This is an alternative I use in lieu of too many pills.
Verdel J
Good Feelings My first time using Bamboo Field. Very happy so far.
Michael D
Learning about acupuncture and dietary wisdom Well I just finished my 7th visit to the Bamboo Curtain and it was a very busy morning. More needles than I ever to see again and a very restricted diet for 24 hours to look forward to when I left. When I awoke this morning I found my pain greatly reduced and I had high hopes for the remainder of the day. Now I am one hour from being able to resume anything to my heart's desire except sugar. I have cancer so sugar is not a good idea. I have always been aware that acupuncture has been around for centuries so there has to be something to it. I did not know how powerful it could be for good in a lifestyle. Now I am being cured of food allergies I never realized that I had. I am looking forward to my next visit very much. Dr. Mike Donnelly
Michael D
Continued Treatment at the Bamboo curtain! I just completed my sixth session with Megumi. She had previously told me that the line to improvement is steady but not on a continuous arc. On balance, I would say the improvements over pain have been considerable. I read the book but the process is still incomprehensible to me. I only know it works. I highly recommend the Bamboo Curtain to anyone in severe pain. Dr. Mike Donnelly
Tawny L
I feel a shift I'm so happy I found Bamboo Field. I have definitely experienced less anxiousness and feeling better with treatments and supplements.
Michael D
INTRO TO ORIENTAL MEDICINE I was referred by the VA in Austin and went not knowing what to expect. My initial reaction was that acupuncture had great potential for me. I was impressed with the demeanor of the practitioner, Mugami, and experienced great improvement in areas of my body that had been untreatable in the past. I was referred to a book and read it with great interest. I hope to expand the scope of the treatment to include other aspects of my health than just the treatment of pain. If it goes as well I will write and advise as to the results. Mike Donnelly, Ph.D.
I trust my body again Megumi is gifted at integrating NAET with nutritional knowledge. She helped heal my gut with a combination of NAET and supplements and my immune system is so much better that I've had to change my mindset. I was so scared to be around sick people as I would surely get sick. Even though it's taken me some time to adjust to my new reality, I am now more certain of my body's ability to fight off viruses. It's life changing. Thank you Megumi.
Bennie L
Continued acupuncture treatment I continue to look forward to continued treatment with Megumi. I am beginning to show signs of improvement.
Absolute master of her work Megumi has made such a difference for us. I truly believe that, by the time we are complete with our treatment plan, we will have avoided an incredibly disempowering diagnosis for our child. We are seeing a lot of improvement in a relatively short period of time with the NAET treatments, and we take any changes (ups and downs included) as indicators of progress, because that has been proven to be the case so far. We had a very complicated, overwhelming and scary situation. Most nights, now, I go to sleep having thanked God for Megumi, because I finally see that there is hope and there is a real solution for something that felt insurmountable. My only wish is that we had found her sooner.
Roy Daley
Finding Balance It's been years since I've been to acupuncturist, but Megumi is so much more. First thing, she is very punctual and kind. I left feeling positive and with a better direction on how to tackle my struggle. I definitely would recommend her services and will be returning back in the near future. The easiest 5 star review.
John G
benefits from NAET The two positive things I have noted after several sessions is that I do not have the extreme fatigue that I have experienced in the past and that I have been able to sleep longer periods through the night. I am looking forward to the time that the pain and inflammation in my joints will be gone.
Crystal P
Better Health Went with a multitude of health challenges and have seen results that have given me a better quality of life!
Fernando Luis Molina
Highly Recommend A my first few visits, starting to feel so much better, less pain and more energy. Megumi is great at what she does with amazing attention!
Michael Howard
NAET treatments So far it is great. I know it will take a good bit of time to fix all the layers of inharmonies in my soul/body/mind system, so I will be patient and follow the process through. I feel fortunate to have found Ms. Megumi.
Moises R
Effective Practioner It is my pleasure to introduce Megumi who is my Acupunturist at Bamboo Field. She is a good listener and develops a plan to address your problem. I have been seeing her for leg pain stemming from a firimus muscle inflammation and a herniated disc. She provides pain relief with the acupuncture. She also assesses where there are problems in the way your internal systems are working. Part of the therapy is undergoing therapy that will improve your body systems. I am very please with the results and will continue to see her.
felicitas b
Highly Recommended Megumi Uppena has been part of my health care team for several years. I live in another state and make it mandatory to come see her when I am in Austin. My body responds very well with the treatments and the herbs. Thank You Megumi!
Fernando M
2nd visit I feel Great, Body, specially my back. good job.
Ruben C
NAET Treatment Megumi was recommended from a friend after I told him what I was dealing with and thank god I took the advice. Has helped me understand how to take care of my myself health wise and changed my perspective in life 👍.
Fernando M
1st time ever had Acupuncture. Well not sure how i'm suppose to feel but is some what different, some soreness of my body that i use to have is gone, some what relax,didn't get up as tired as i use to. for my next visit i would like for you to place the needle where you think is better for me, on the pressure point that you thing is going to benefit the best, i'm going to let you make that decision. okay, thank
Bennie Lopez
Acupuncture I am still making progress, with my headaches, at Bamboo Field Acupuncture. Thank you Megumi.
Rose Seizeme
Changed our lives! My 18 month old was sick for 7 weeks straight after starting school with a laundry list of illnesses back to back. After his crappy pediatrician recommended a third round of antibiotics in less than 7 weeks, my friend recommended Megumi @ Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb. We made an appointment for my son the next day and within 24 hours after his first session, he was almost back to normal. Megumi has changed my son’s health around and we couldn’t be luckier to find her when we did. I swear by her work and I’ve seen what NAET could do for you and your health. I HIGHLY recommend Megumi!
Emily B
Finding joy in my healing journey Megumi is so kind and intuitive, and her NAET treatment has been helping immensely for my digestive issues. It feels good to work with the core of the problems instead of alleviating the symptoms. After suffering for a few years, I am finally finding relief and joy in my life. Thanks, Megumi!
Help with ADHD for son My son had issues with ADHD that caused him to get in trouble at school with his teachers. He also struggled getting homework done in a reasonable amount of time. After seeing Megumi every week last summer, he is doing much better. I never get complaints from his teachers and he is now able to complete his homework in a reasonable amount of time. We are so grateful.
Bennie L
Acupuncture I am very satisfied with my continued acupuncture visits with Megumi. This is part of my overall pain management therapy. Thank you Bamboo Field Acupuncture &Herb.
Summer W
Amazing Results I have been avoiding dairy for more than a decade now because it causes severely heavy bleeding and pain during my cycle after working with Megumi for a few months, I can now have dairy without these horrible reactions. I now have a "normal" cycle and I cannot take her enough. Also, she has helped me increase my energy levels. I used to avoid driving mid afternoon because it was so difficult to keep myself awake while driving. That has improved tremendously as well.
Bennie L
Continued Acupuncture Megumi has helped me immensely and I am continuing to use her acupuncture services and skill.
Matthew U
Not your average practitioner! Megumi is by far the most knowledgeable and thorough functional medicine practitioner I've been to! In an age of greedy MDs, subpar healthcare, and high-cost subscription clinics, she genuinely cares about me as a patient and takes the time to listen and evaluate my symptoms to get to the root of issue. Every time I visit her office, I learn something and leave feeling better about my health! Wether its allergies, digestive issues, or just general health, she know just how to treat it. I can't say enough kind words about her and highly recommend her to anyone who's regular doctor has failed them!
Bennie L
On going acupuncture with Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb My pain management has increased tremendously with Megumi. I plan to continue with her program.
Bennie L
Ongoing Treatment I am still receiving acupuncture treatment with Megumi, and my plan is to be free of most pain medication.
Bennie L
Acupuncture As I continue to receive treatment at BAMBOO FIELD, I am attempting to rid myself of pain pills and pursue this alternative health process.
Jeanne B
Excellent After years of struggling with various health issues, Megume found the causes in the first visit. My skin and allergies are clearing after the second visit. She’s very thorough and precise. Highly recommend.
Andrew R
feeling great! Andrew improvement is really marked. He looks forward to see Megumi and go through the therapy every time!
Highly Recommend. Megumi is a skilled and compassionate healer. I am so grateful I found her. She cares about her work and her clients unconditionally. I’m very impressed with her.
Kim W
My visits I love the work Megumi does. She is honest and so helpful with all my issues.
Lisa H
Skin Rash and Food Sesitivities I really enjoyed my appointment with Megumi. She is very insightful and was really great about explaining everything to me. I have seen her twice and plan to continue my treatments with her. Highly recommend her care.
Summer W
Hopeful I had a wonderful first appointment and left feeling hopeful that Megumi will be able to help me and my family overcome some issues that have been haunting us for too long.
Christine I
Phone conversation Review of Megumi Uppena L.Ac Very informative conversation
Sue Nelson
SHE IS THE DOCTOR I HAVE SEARCHED FOR! Dr. Megumi is the BEST! I have been searching for several years over TWO states (CA & TX) to find help for symptoms. I paid lots of money to all the "best" doctors and alternative practioners--and still was experiencing daily head and neck pain and an inability to absorb vitamins, PMS, terrible digestion, allergies, etc. I am now in less pain and finally HAVE ANSWERS as to why my body couldn't absorb nutrients. And, we are working on all the other things and I feel the progress being made at each visit! I am not 100% yet, but I know based on what I've experienced so far that I am well on my way to perfect health! I knew how gifted a healer she is when on my first appointment she cured me of a bacterial infection I had been struggling with for over 3 weeks. Within 24 hours I was nearly totally recovered and friends and family instantly noticed I was myself again! I can't think of any health problem I wouldn't trust her with! She cares about her patients more than anyone I've ever seen! THANK YOU DR. MEGUMI!!!!!!!
Ben Lopez
Acupuncture Appointment I have been thoroughly impressed with the exceptional acupuncture service at Bamboo Field. The results are very impressive and I plan to continue receiving treatment there.
Alejandra J
Megumi is amazing! I always enjoy my sessions with Megumi! She’s been helpin me and my husband a lot! My husband had chronic allergies and she’s been the only one able to help him and I have several challenges and she’s helped me a lot and I feel great :)
Bennie Lopez
Continuing Acupuncture My continued acupuncture at Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb continues to be a very excellent experience. I look forward to my appointment.
Carlette S
Awesome Service Just want to let everyone know that I have been going to Bamboo Field for acupuncture services. I had serious problems with walking and food allergies. After a couple of session with Dr. Megumi I have not used my walking cane. I also have not experience any pain in various parts of my body from the foods I love to eat. Thank you so much for your wonderful and attention to detail regarding my health needs. I feel awesome!!! May God continue to bless Bamboo Field for many years to come!!!
Travis S
Always a fantastic experience I love visiting Megumi because I know that not only will I feel better when walking out of her office than when entering, but I will also have guidance on how to continue down the path of healing and healthy living. Sessions are much less stressful than visiting the doctors office and they yield better results. Thank you Megumi for helping me feel my best!
Kelley G
Best investment I ever made Going to Megumi for treatments for Lyme disease (which a doctor ignored 8 years ago), Candida, and strep, is turning out to be the beat investment I have EVER made in myself. I am not only getting physically better, but I'm also getting more insightful and emotionally better as well. The two definitely go hand in hand. Megumi is the best health practitioner I have been to in the past 8 years since my health nightmares began. She gets to the root of your problems, tackles them, and helps your body to heal itself. You can't get any better than Megumi! She is the REAL DEAL!!!
Carlos A
Acupuncture session Megumi is awesome! She has helped me with my allergies, finally feel good again. She is passionate about what she does and takes all the time needed to help you and make you feel better. Thank you Megumi for making me feel good again!
!!!!!! I love that there are not really any machines used for treatment, and I think it's working very well so far! Just the day after my body feels better than it has been lately. I've been to many doctors and none of them give as personal of car as Megumi, loved going!!
Riana D
Food Allergies I have dealt with food allergies, environmental allergies, and chronic migraines for most of my life. After one session with Megumi, I feel like NAET will be life-changing. I look forward to continuing my NAET journey with Megumi at Bamboo Field Acupunture & Herb!
Pamela E
Phone Consultation on Wed, 1/17/17 It was a pleasure talking to Megumi. I really look forward to meeting in person & discussing a treatment plan.
Laura D
Feeling relieved! After years of suffering from allergies, I'm so excited to have finally been connected with Megumi who is helping me understand more about my unique physiological and chemical make-up and how my allergy symptoms are just one piece of a bigger picture. I'm so excited to be on a path of healing with her guidance. She was patient, knowledgeable and non-judgmental, and I'm eager to continue my work with her.
Michele S
Wonderfully thorough! Megumi was amazingly thorough in her assessment of my physical and emotional issues, and helped me clear up a significant trigger on my first visit! She spent so much time, I was impressed! Her results were also incredibly insightful, and I am looking forward to my course of treatment to work on larger underlying issues, which traditional doctors never do. She is kind, instructive, and so, so thorough! Wow!
Kim W
Megumi is the best!!!! I have been to see Megumi many times. Every time I get relief from the issue I am having. Thanks
Beverly B
So good to feel normal again! As someone who regularly works with energy as a feng shui consultant, I have to be on the top of my game if my clients are to get what they pay for. I now have someone who can keep me there! Megumi went the extra mile to make sure I received the help I needed. I know enough that what some call coincidence, I call magic, and she helped me to reclaim my magic along with my health with just a few treatments. Thank you so much!
Jonathan S
Megumi is the BEST I recently started being treated by Megumi at Bamboo Field, and she is incredible. Her treatments are thorough, comfortable, and effective. She has such a sweet spirit, and you can tell that she genuinely cares about her patients health and well being. South Austin is so lucky to have her! If you have been working on anything health wise, especially allergies, go see her immediately!
Thomas T
treatments The treatment I'm getting are graduallyy easing the pain in both leg. Still have to take my pain meds but I'm gradually reducing the amount I take. The VA should reconize this treatment as helpful to Vets.
Thomas T
Greg S
Outstanding Megumi is a true professional.
Thomas T
treatment leg and back pain, the treatments I have had have helped 30% and I hope the VA can let me have an additional 14 more treatments.
Allergy Support I have been allergic to almost everything my entire life and with Meguimi's help am moving into a world that will be allergy free. She is such a warm and caring person too which makes going to Bamboo Acupuncture extra pleasant.
Faith B
Megumi is magical I've been seeing Megumi for the past several years (has it been 4 or 5?). Over the years, she has helped me with anxiety, cedar/rag weed allergies, regulating my period, and most recently- back pain. She takes the time to get to the root of the problem. She is so patient, caring, incredibly knowledgeable, methodical and just wonderful!
Mary P
Great new location The new space is fresh and open. Convenient location.
Kim W.
My Health Megumi is kind compassionate and very knowledgeable. Leslie is great working with my schedule. Thanks All.
Steven R
Feedback Exceptional intuitive practitioner
Holly S
NAET & Megumi=Renewed Health I've been seeing Megumi for several months and my health has improved greatly. I suffered from numerous severe food allergies, so much so that even "good" foods were causing big problems for me, and I never felt well. I ached constantly, was tired all the time, and got sick often. Megumi is truly amazing; she is so knowledgeable, and also kind and compassionate. And bottom line, NAET works--I feel so much better both physically and emotionally, and have so much more energy. I highly recommend Megumi for NAET treatment.
Jessica W
Saving my Life I was referred to Megumi when all other form of "Real Medicine" (Western) had done nothing. I have been going to see her now for the past 4 months and I am a different person than I was when I first began. We have a ways to go yet but I cannot say enough about how she has changed my life. Thank you so much Megumi! I love you!!
Kim W.
A great visit. I have been seeing Megumi off and on for about 2 years. I always feel better when I leave. She has an all encompassing approach. She talks diet, sleep, stress levels, etc. I really am glad I found her. Thanks Megumi.
Finnegan B
Worked like magic The Western medicine approach did not work but going to Megumi helped my son tremendously! He feels much better after a treatment with Megumi.
Meniere's Syndrome I have struggled with Meniere's Disease for about 6 years with things becoming very acute and unbearable a couple of years ago. Meniere's brings sudden episodes of severe vertigo, anxiety around the fear of having an attack, tinnitus and hearing loss, as well as the repercussions of severe lifestyle change brought on by the surprise attacks. After spending years with doctors offering only drug therapy and surgeries, I turned to NUCCA (chiropractic) and acupuncture. For the past 3 months I have been seeing Megumi, and I am feeling more hopeful than I've felt in a long time that I may get my life back. She is professional, calm, insightful, knowledgeable and thorough (and more). For the first time ever I have experienced instantaneous improvement from acupuncture right in the office. Although I have been receiving acupuncture for years (previously with other practitioners), I have never had the experience of instantaneous relief. I look forward to continuing to work with Megumi; I am confident that this is the best route I can take to regain my health.
Anita Uresti
Amazing Megumi is amazing at what she does. Her knowledge and patience is astounding. She is helping my entire family (ages 45-7)by treating existing issues like eczema and anxiety, and preventing others from forming by identifying allergies we didn't know we had. We fully trust Megumi and we feel our health is in good hands with her.
Great, Sensitive Practitioner I been seeing Megumi now for longer than two months for long standing issues related to chronic fatigue and muscle pain. Where most medical doctors have failed and given me little hope with drugs, laboratory tests, and ambivalent "wait and see" attitudes -- years that I have lost waiting patiently for things to work -- Megumi has provided quick and safe relief, and a new way of thinking about my health and health in general. It's really great. I trust Megumi and plan on keeping her in my "network of care" for as long as these problems persist, and continue searching for the root causes of my illness.
Lyme disease I have been sick now for about ten years with chronic fatigue and chronic pain related to Lyme disease I got while in my early twenties. The condition progressively got worse and caused me to have to drop out of school, and left me disabled for several years where I found few results from multiple medical doctors including the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Megumi has been treating me now for three months, and both my energy and clarity have gone from about a two to an eight on a scale of 1-10. I'm looking forward to keeping up these treatments, and am truly amazed by her practice and ability to listen, where others -- especially medical doctors -- have really let me down. This is truly a great treatment and a good practice, and I would recommend it to about anyone for anything chronic to even minor ailments and common health problems.
Meniere's Syndrome I began to see Megumi a couple of months ago --after battling Meniere's Syndrome for the past 6 years or so. Meniere's Syndrome brings spontaneous debilitating vertigo attacks that threaten everything. It has been life changing to say the least. The only options presented by western doctors is drug therapy and destructive surgeries so I turned more fervently to alternative remedies. I have engaged in NUCCA (chiropractic work focusing on the neck) and acupuncture. I sought out Megumi to continue acupuncture, and to understand other potential allergens that might be creating inflammation. I have learned much from listening to her, and she has helped me tremendously. This is the first time I have ever experienced instantaneous relief from acupuncture --right there on the table. She is respectful and sensitive and encouraging. I look forward to continuing my visits, and feel hopeful that I will one day completely overcome this problem. I highly recommend her!
Janet M
Time conscientious Megumi always takes time for her clients but is mindful that time is important to all. She never leaves one "hanging" but completes a treatment while being mindful of other client's schedules. She is thorough, professional, courteous and thoughtful.
Robin W
Dryness better After our last session, I notic3d this morning that I'm not experiencing as much dryness as I had the day before. I truly see the results and benefits of your treatnents. At first I would question the placebo effect, but the more times I go the more I see the direct results. Thank you Megumi.